About Hecioz

Hecioz is a video and audio sharing website that was created on 2nd April 2019. The website was created by Kajura Henry, A Ugandan at the age of 22 in his home tome Kihihi, Kanungu District in Uganda.

Hecioz will be targeting mainly 3 groups of people;


Hecioz, will be targeting musicians around the world who would love to find another platform to promote their music. The website makes it easy for them to Upload and share both their Mp3 audios and Videos all in one place.

They will also be able to engage their fans and get opinions from them while on the website through private messaging.


Hecioz will be a place for free and paid traffic to bloggers around the world.

Bloggers will have a wide platform to upload thier video and audio content to the website, optimize it and generate leads to their websites.

Business People

Hecioz will help business owners create awareness about their;
Products and everything related to their business. Hecioz will run Adverts for business around the globe

Everybody Else

Hecioz, will be a meeting place for everybody else on internet to watch vidoes, listen to audios and have fun.